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UVS Matte Varnish is a UV stable, colorless, reversible varnish made from hydrogenated hydrocarbon (Regalrez) resins dissolved in pure, low-aromatic 
solvents and a UV absorber and stabilizer.  This varnish will not cross-link nor
yellow over 100 years as shown by the test of de la Rie and McGlinchey (4).  This varnish qualifies to be called a “Class A” materials as defined by Feller (5).  UVS Matte Varnish was designed for use in conservation of modern paintings where a matte finish is desired.  It was formulated to achieve the lowest possible action on the original paint, and maximum resin content for nest coverage.  It can be mixed with UVS Finishing Varnish in any proportion to provide the desired degree of gloss.

UVS Matte Varnish is available in one-quart containers.

4.        E. Rene de la Rie and Christopher McGilinchey, “New Synthetic Resins for Picture Varnishes”, IIC Preprints to the Brussels Congress, pp. 168-173.1
5.     Robert L. Feller, “Standards in the Evaluation of Thermoplastic Resins”, Preprints of ICOM in Zabreg (1978), pp. 78/16/4. 

UV Stable Matte Varnish: 1.0 Quart 
Price: $44.00 each (+S & H)                                    Order Online

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