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BEVA 371 reformulated in 2010

Dear Conservators,

     When Gustav A. Berger developed BEVA 371, he realized that some of the components may become unavailable in the future 1. In the 1990s we collaborated with Mr. Berger to identify new components which could be used to replace any of the five existing compounds in BEVA 371. When Laropal K80 (formerly Ketone N) was discontinued by BASF in 2008, we chose an aldehyde ketone resin to replace the Laropal K80, a ketone resin. This resin, like the Laropal K80, gives strength and elasticity to the adhesive.

     The reformulated adhesive is designated BEVA 371b . It is slightly more yellow than the BEVA 371 (original formula) because the new resin is more yellow. However it is equivalent to BEVA 371 in all other properties such as:


Good solubility in hydrocarbon solvents (VMP naphtha, toluene etc.)


Same activation temperature of 150 F or 65 C


Good adhesion to various substrates (canvas, metal, wood, plastic, etc.)


High peel strength


Good reversibility with solvents or heat


Equivalent stability both thermal and chemical

BEVA 371b is available as a solution or as a dry resin mix. The BEVA Film will remain original formula until further notice.


                                                          George R. Chludzinski, PhD

1 "Conservation of Paintings: Research and Innovation," Chapter 8, Gustav A. Berger, ISBN 1873132379

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