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Silicone Coated Mylar Film

When delicate, flaking surfaces require consolidation by pressure or vacuum treatment, a fine, flexible separation sheet that does not stick to soft varnish, paint
or the adhesive is essential.  Following a long search, we are now able to provide 
you with an excellent product for conservation, a fine polyester film (Mylar 0.75 mil) coated with Silicone on one side only.
Our thin, Silicone-coated Mylar film is ideal for use as a transparent membrane on your vacuum hot table.  Its countless applications include:  the treatment of paintings containing soft paint or varnish in their medium, vapor treatment and lining, vacuum treatment of delicate surfaces, consolidation of loose paint with strong, thermoplastic adhesives, such as BEVA, or B-72, and interleafing, or protecting slightly sticky surfaces during transportation. A Mylar membrane coated with Silicone on one side only allows it to be joined by using masking tape on the uncoated side.  Furthermore, Silicone-coated membrane can be sealed to the vacuum table with masking tape, all around the painting, when required.  Finally, small tears in the membrane can be closed with masking tape without interrupting the lining process.   It is recommended to mark the uncoated side of the silicone-coated Mylar with a small piece of masking tape attached to a corner for easy identification.

Our one-sided silicone-coated, 0.75 mil Mylar is available in rolls, which are 63 wide and 20 or 50 yards long.

Silicone Coated Mylar Film: (63"x50 yds) roll
Price: $247.50 each (+S & H)                           
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