CONSERVATORíS WAX Ė a blend of highly refined microcrystalline waxes of fossil origin based on a formula which has become the standard material used in museums and art galleries, and by professional conservators and restorers the world over.  This high performance, crystal clear wax may be used on wood, metal, ceramics, ivory, marble, polished stones, leather, plastics, gilding, cast resins, photographs, and like materials offering excellent moisture resistance and protection against heat and finger marks.  Its application on exterior surfaces enhances weather resistance.  CONSERVATORíS WAX gently removes grime and built-up wax.  Apply with a soft cotton cloth and polish when dry. 

Available in 4 oz. cans (125 ml).

Conservator's Wax: 4oz can
Price: $12.00 each (+ S & H)                        
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