Dear Conservators,

     We are pleased to introduce a new product, BEVA TEX.  This is a non-woven polyester fabric which is coated on one side with BEVA 371.  It is designed for the conservation of works on paper, on fabrics and of paintings.  It is applied with low heat and is completely reversible.  It is available in sheets of 27 inches by 36 inches.  Longer pieces are available on request.


     We are also offering the BEVA 371 film both the 2.5 mil and the 1.0 mil thickness in strips that are 0.5 inches wide by 39 yards long.  The BEVA 371 film strip provides a convenient and fast way of applying the adhesive in small areas as needed for strip lining of paintings, mounting works on paper and in framing applications.

     Finally, a reminder that our thin (0.5 mil) silicone-coated MYLAR is back in stock.



                                           George R. Chludzinski, PhD





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