BEVAź Matte Varnish is an entirely new, extensively tested formulation.  It
contains a matting agent which is suspended in this solution, and may require
some shaking prior to its use.  BEVAź Matte Varnish can be applied by spray
or by brush with equally good results and can be mixed with BEVAź Finishing Varnish in any proportional to achieve intermediate degrees of gloss.


BEVAź Matte Varnish can be removed with purely aliphatic solvents during the
first few weeks following application with a minimum effect on the inpainting, both
old and recent.  Thereafter, the varnish remains soluble in naptha or low-aromatic solvents for about 20-30 years of normal exposure to light, such as found in museums or private collections.  Accelerated aging tests of BEVAź Finishing Varnish and BEVAź Matt Varnish indicate that after 50-100 years, high-aromatic solvents, or mixtures of low-aromatic solvents with iso-propyl alcohol will remove these varnished with out difficulty, particularly if applied on top of a thin layer of acryloid B-67.

BEVAź Matte Varnish is available in one-quart cans.

BEVAź Matte Varnish: 1.0 Quart
Price: $44.00 each (+S & H)                                     
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