BEVA® Finishing Varnish is a stable, colorless, reversible varnish, made from cyclohexanone resins dissolved in specially purified, low-aromatic solvents.  It was designed primary for use in the conservation and inpainting of Old Masters.

The formulation achieves:
     ·         Content for best covering power.
     ·         Minimum Optimal wetting and penetration to enhance and
             bring out the colors.  
     ·         Lowest possible solvent action on the original paint film.
     ·         Lowest possible solvent action on the materials used for
         ·         Maximum resin yellowing with age.

BEVA® Finishing Varnish dries into a film which has excellent flattening properties.  If leveling of surface irregularities is required, it can be “rubbed” by hand, when dry, just like mastic or damar.
BEVA® Finishing Varnish can be removed with purely aliphatic solvents during the first few weeks of following application with a minimal effect on the inpainting, be it old or recent.  Thereafter, the varnish remains easily soluble in naptha or low-aromatic solvents for 20-30 years of normal exposure to light.

BEVA® Finishing Varnish is available in one-quart cans.

BEVA® Finishing Varnish: 1.0 Quart
Price: $40.00 each (+S & H)                      
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